The Parenting Marathon

So I’m driving across town for the second time today and the sixth time this week to go pick up my girls from water polo. It made me stop and think about how we as parents sacrifice the best years of our lives to put such a huge amount of time into getting the next generation of humans launched.

My parents and all they did for me came to mind. Immediately while I was in this thought process I flashed back to when I was 17 (and that makes my dad about 38) and going to prom. Continue reading “The Parenting Marathon”

Kids Under Contract

Not all technological advances are as beneficial as we would have originally thought as parents. We have a new system that is great in theory. I mean I guess it is. It’s kind of sucking in this household though!

It gives us as parents daily updates on our children’s progress at school. I hate it. I don’t want to know. I just want to send them to school clean and well fed in the morning and have them come home with a good attitude and straight A’s. Neither is happening. Continue reading “Kids Under Contract”

Falling Hard for Thomas

Starting over romantically in my 40’s was something I never guessed would actually happen.

I must say though, that it was delightful, magical and straight out of a chick flick. Look at the photos. I’m beaming with joy. Literally. That’s the look of a woman who won life’s lottery. I know… I sound obnoxious, but I still can’t find a way to contain or minimize my glee about this man! Continue reading “Falling Hard for Thomas”

Junior High Heartbreak

I remember being in junior high and having my very first big crush on a guy, pretty much had the hots for him all year in seventh grade. Eighth grade came and I had this great group of friends. They were this awesome little nerdy squad made up of boys and girls. My crush was one of the boys. He was tall, skinny, goofy, had a big smile and a sharp wit. We loved to talk in classes. His last name was Eckert and mine was Edward so we always sat behind each other. He’d borrow my paper and pencils, we would flirt and joke around and I loved it!! Continue reading “Junior High Heartbreak”