The Heavy Hand

Two weeks ago I was having a really challenging time with the behaviors of the kids… just in general, I felt like I was THE GENERAL!

Like I had to be the “heavy” because they were taking advantage of Thomas and talking back to him and not listening to the things that he would tell them to do. I get into the habit of jumping in and regulating the situation. Continue reading “The Heavy Hand”

Life Struggles and Solutions

For whatever reason, I have several friends who are struggling. Friends I’ve known for decades, others just a few years, but I’ll tell you this… there’s nothing to me like feeling helpless to help them. I’m pondering what to do and if I can help at all.

I guess the woman in me is actually a fixer and I want to know what to say to be able to give some kind of loving advice that would ease the pain that they are in. Continue reading “Life Struggles and Solutions”

Mom Shaming or Good Parenting?

Will your kid be ok outside your protective bubble at home? By protecting your kids too long are you actually hurting them??

I’d like to talk about what experiences other people have had with “Mom shaming.”

Recently a girlfriend and I were talking about her son (15) who is a very good kid for the most part and he’s never given her any reason not to trust him. She has a hard time justifying deciding who his friends are when he is able to maintain all A’s. He also is very active in playing on the baseball and volleyball teams at the high school. He’s busy, and when he does have downtime he chooses to hang out with some old friends in the neighborhood. Continue reading “Mom Shaming or Good Parenting?”