Richness in Life

To know that you can confide in someone, have their trust and that they are completely trustworthy as well is such a good feeling.

I have plenty of friends but sometimes even though it’s so much fun to be social and be with a big group of rowdy buddies, I can feel so lost in the crowd.

To know that I have a few people in my life that I can really trust, it’s hard to put into words what that does for me personally.

It’s like those huge retrofit anchors that you see in old buildings in San Francisco. They just are people who provide that stability and anchor me down when life gets rocky.

Those people who really get me. Who know my true faults but find a way to love me anyway. Who can see beyond my literal and figurative makeup and love the pale, freckled, wrinkly underneath. Who don’t think less of me if I’m acting a bit psycho or if I want to over analyze… or if I’m thinking too much about a certain subject.

When I stop and think about it, I don’t think that there is very much that is more valuable than those kinds of relationships. I don’t think as human beings we need very many of them. If you have one or two in your life, you are wealthy beyond measure.

I hit the lottery with my handful.