Old Age and the Car Seat

My baby’s car seat is a huge hassle. I have to run a lot of errands during the day and I’m willing to bet you I spend a half an hour total getting her in and out of the car seat on certain days. I do it anyway because I’m not any different than most mothers. I do it because that is the standard for protecting a kid. I love my baby and I want what’s best for her.

I’ve been a parent for almost 16 years. I’ve never had a car accident with a kid in the car. My skills of putting a baby in the car seat have thankfully never paid off.

While putting baby Lincoln in the car seat for the fourth time today as she screamed, kicked, took her arms out of the straps, scratched and tried to bite me… I started thinking the car seat is a real pain… she loathes it.

It made me ponder. I do this ritual every day with her, likely never going to be needed. But I can think of something else I should be doing that would almost be guaranteed to protect her that I don’t do.

My doctor friend says that I could add years on to my life or at least add a lot of quality to my years by spending about 20 minutes a day, five days a week getting some exercise. Simple stuff, walk, hike, bike whatever.

Doc friend keeps it pretty simple because she’s a close friend of mine and she knows that I’m pretty simple when it comes to exercise. (I simply choose not to do it too much)

I go through spurts where I figure out a way to get in some exercise, but ever since the baby came, I just really haven’t gotten into a regular routine. I’ve found every excuse not to do it.

My best excuse is that I’m tired. It’s true I am physically tired. I’m 46 years old and this little kid takes a lot of energy, plus there are five other people at home that put a few demands on my time and attention. The last thing I really want to do is huff and sweat. I’m really into napping if I have spare time. (Not lately)

My cousin literally shipped me a home weightlifting gym. My husband set it up in the garage and then we put a playpen near it so that I can put the baby in there. I think the Halloween decorations are sitting on it.

We also have an exercise bike and the donation bag is sitting on that. I’m just being honest.

But when I think about the fact that I will be protecting my time with this child by being around and in her life, this baby gives me some perspective. I got my ass on the exercise bike today.

That’s one of the things about having a baby late in the game. I was 46 when she came! 46! That means I’ll be 51 when she starts kindergarten.

I’m trying to add it up… I think I’ll be 60 when she starts high school. GOOD GOD! And that puts me around 65 when she’s off to college.

I was a train wreck pretty much all through my 20’s. I can’t think of a time that I needed my parents more. This baby will be going through so many changes, finding herself and making mistakes and needing guidance. So I’m thinking this kid is going to need me.

These thoughts make me think I need to really try and preserve my health and to be around for her.  And… I don’t mean just alive, I mean LIVING. VITAL. HEALTHY.

So here’s my goal. Getting my health in check. Starting right now.