Kindness Is Contagious

So I go to weight watchers meetings with a couple of friends every week and I really enjoy it because of the support that I get from the group. I don’t really usually ever speak out but it’s fun to hear people of all ages and genders talk about their journey and what is working for them and what is not. There are a couple old ladies in there that are super hilarious and it’s always fun to go in and hear everybody’s war stories.

Of course, I’m always in a lot better mood if I’ve had a weight loss but that’s not always the case. Especially if I had too much champagne over the weekend!

It is a very nice reset and restart to the week. The things that they tell us really are amazing tools that you can use to get to your goal. But that’s the least of it…

I was reminded tonight of human kindness. The leader is a young guy who’s lost 100 lbs.

He’s super sweet and caring and what an amazing reminder that it doesn’t really matter if you are a garbageman or if you scoop ice cream or you are an executive in a high-powered company, we all have the power to spread love…
It’s pretty badass to be kind!

While waiting to ask this guy a question about the app on my phone, I sat and observed him helping others before me. I witnessed how much of a difference that you can make in somebody’s daily life by just taking the time to listen to them.

I witnessed this kid hearing five or six stories about people’s grandkids and what they’re doing for Thanksgiving and how their week was. People of all walks of life light up around him!

Also, during the meeting, every week, there’s a girl who shows up with special needs. He always makes a big deal about her coming to the meetings and hitting her goals… it’s obvious that she is enjoying it and loves the attention.

It’s just a really positive place to be once a week for me and I love going because I love the fact that this guy is such a great example of how you should treat others.

He makes everybody, young, old, fat, male or female feel like they are included in part of a group. (I left out skinny people. If there were skinny people there, he would make them feel good too!)

He makes us feel funny, like we matter, and that we aren’t alone.

Last night I was watching him and I was laughing and enjoying myself and I was thinking how does he do that? The meeting is only half an hour long so how does he turn it into such a joyous, fun time?

It’s because of his kind attitude and great listening skills and general happiness that he has about his own life that he exudes. He pumps out joy and brings out the best in the group so that we all get such a great start to our week!

His kindness is contagious. It’s a good reminder to me every week that my attitude (good or bad) effects all around me.