Slow Steady Progress

So this is the first time I’ve worn these jeans since before I was pregnant. I got kick-started about a month ago. One of my girlfriends came by the house and was very excited about her Weight Watcher’s program that she had been doing for about a month. It made me really inspired and I asked her if I could tag along!

I was wanting to look better. I was so sick of feeling puffy. Then as the baby has become more mobile, I’m realizing that I need to take care of my body to keep up with my babies.

I was going through that decluttering phase and realizing that I had a closet full of clothes that were stuffed in one of my kid’s closets that were two sizes too small that I just couldn’t wear. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothing that I needed to go through, that I just kept closing the closet door every time and not paying any attention to it.

After I had the baby I had a whole closet full of clothes. About 75% of them did not fit me very well in MY VERY OWN closet. It was ridiculous! I was buried in confusion and clothing every morning.

Here is the part where I admit that I had two closets, full of clothes, yet still had nothing to wear.

I took everything out of my closet and only put the clothes that fit me, the “big girl” clothes, back in my closet. It made getting dressed every day more simple and less frustrating at least. At this point my closet was pretty barren.

My old, jam-packed closet full of clothes was providing me with plenty of confusing mornings and frustration because I couldn’t find anything to wear. It was also a reminder of the fact that I felt like a failure for not starting to get my fitness back in order.

Just separating myself from all the stuff that doesn’t even fit anymore and getting it out of my face really helped a lot. I could just start my morning by easily finding the clothes that fit.

I didn’t have to have a little slap in the face every day thinking “oh I wish I could wear those jeans, but I can’t because I’m a loser and I still haven’t even started to try to get back in shape!”

I’m ashamed to say that I have an entire wardrobe of clothes that I’ve saved over the years and it’s probably my biggest hoarding issue.

The reason that I haven’t been able to wear them for years is that I always want to be smaller than I am. So I have all of those clothes… some from years back.

Some were things with tags still on them. I would go shopping and buy things in sizes that were smaller, hoping that they would fit me one day. SO DUMB.

I pulled out only my favorite things and donated the rest. It felt so good to lighten the load.

Seeing all those beautiful clothes, that I was nowhere near wearing, really inspired me. About a month ago I started working out. This past weekend I went through that batch of clothes and found about 10 items that now fit very comfortably!

Wow, what a feeling! I was so excited and felt so accomplished! I had a great morning trying it all on. It was so much fun to give my husband a fashion show.

It was just what I needed at the one-month mark to keep my regimen empowered and moving forward!

I’ve had a good month in that I have made great choices. At the same time, I don’t feel like I’ve been deprived completely.

It’s true that there are opportunities, every night, for yummy sweet treats to get into my belly. I have had my champagne on the weekends and a few indulgences and I’m still seeing the scale move slowly in the right direction. That’s all I really want is to see slow, steady progress.

More than the actual 7 or 8 pounds that I’ve lost is the great empowered feeling I’m getting. I just feel better mentally and I feel a lot better physically. I’m really excited to keep moving forward!