Falling Hard for Thomas

Starting over romantically in my 40’s was something I never guessed would actually happen.

I must say though, that it was delightful, magical and straight out of a chick flick. Look at the photos. I’m beaming with joy. Literally. That’s the look of a woman who won life’s lottery. I know… I sound obnoxious, but I still can’t find a way to contain or minimize my glee about this man! Continue reading “Falling Hard for Thomas”

Junior High Heartbreak

I remember being in junior high and having my very first big crush on a guy, pretty much had the hots for him all year in seventh grade. Eighth grade came and I had this great group of friends. They were this awesome little nerdy squad made up of boys and girls. My crush was one of the boys. He was tall, skinny, goofy, had a big smile and a sharp wit. We loved to talk in classes. His last name was Eckert and mine was Edward so we always sat behind each other. He’d borrow my paper and pencils, we would flirt and joke around and I loved it!! Continue reading “Junior High Heartbreak”

Kindness Is Contagious

So I go to weight watchers meetings with a couple of friends every week and I really enjoy it because of the support that I get from the group. I don’t really usually ever speak out but it’s fun to hear people of all ages and genders talk about their journey and what is working for them and what is not. There are a couple old ladies in there that are super hilarious and it’s always fun to go in and hear everybody’s war stories.

Of course, I’m always in a lot better mood if I’ve had a weight loss but that’s not always the case. Especially if I had too much champagne over the weekend! Continue reading “Kindness Is Contagious”

Little Miss Buttinski, The Short Shorts Bandit and the Choir Ditcher!

Today we had one daughter who got in business that was not hers. I figured that would be the issue of the day, but, then the ten-year-old is apparently ditching choir and the third is pilfering clothing and lying.

So my morning started with a handsome guy bringing me coffee. (Yay)

Went downhill from there. Continue reading “Little Miss Buttinski, The Short Shorts Bandit and the Choir Ditcher!”